Monthly Objectives

1. Be Kind

2. Work your butt off

3. Inspire others to do the same.


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Just creeping out our customers.....

A good reason to fix those neons when they go out. 


October Objectives:

  1. Try not to get the swine flu.
  2. Whip out that store manual every once in a while and make sure in-shoppers, drivers, PIC's and managers are all on the same page with all rules and procedures.
  3. If employees are naughty and not in dress code, send them home to get in correct uniform.


September 09 Objectives:

  1. I know this is a broken record on Objectives, but CLEANING is so important and we get slammed on it every time from the consultants. Now Clean! For the Love of Jimmy!
  2. School is back on and especially for the college stores, it is insanity right now.  Keep on kicking ass and make sure you are teaching all the new employees the CORRECT rules and procedures.

    3. Introduce those young innocent freshman to the delicious freaky fast sandwiches you all are so freaking good at making and make them ADDICTED for LIFE.

    4. Love your neighbor.

February Objectives:

  1. Managers say one of the hardest parts of the job is the balance of Cost of Labor. This can be fine tuned by closely monitoring every shifts sales .... or bringnig in higher sales, of course.
  2. Kearney store -- brace yourself for the opening of Q'doba. They will suck the life out of sales for at least a couple weeks. If they ever actually open, that is.
  3. Pop kits are coming this month and along with it is the new advertising quarter. Be on the watchout for an increase in online delivery.
  4. Thanks to all the managers--- inspite of everything going on in the country you have kicked butt this winter. Springtime is near.

November / December Objectives:

  1. As money gets tighter and tighter, we need to adjust accordingly. This means scrape the mayo jar, no unnessasary waste and return bad produce.
  2. Large cash over/under differences at the end of the shift is unacceptable. Most mistakes can be found by spending a few extra minutes and looking over work.
  3. Insure employees know how to handle large catering order calls. Are they getting all important information? Are they upselling?
  4. Upsale!!!! Do ya want cheese on that?

September Objectives:

  1. The new semester has began. Are there enough people on each shift? Are there enough people to handle the bar-rush? If not, do something about it, serving bar rush freakin' fast is what JJ's is all about. Indeed!
  2. Solidify the delivery area. Work hard to train employees on the delivery area and tell them why it is so important to stick to it!
  3. Downtime? Employees sitting around? Use that time to sample, sample, sample.
July Objectives:

  1. Minimum wage goes up to $6.55 on the week starting July 23rd. Don't forget to start adjusting pay rates beforehand.
  2. There are plenty of summer festivals hitting our towns this summer. Have fun, but make sure you look at the calander and staff accordingly. It is also a good time to send out samples.
  3. Food prices are going up and up and up. Are you making sure every drop of that mayo is being used? Be anal about it!

June Objectives:

  1. All of our towns have had tornados hit around us this past month. If you haven't already, flesh out an emergancy plan of action. It never hurts to be overly prepared.
  2. Good time to recheck drivers insurance cards and licenses to make sure everyone is current.
  3. Next month minimum wage goes up, keep this in mind as you give raises and figure your budget for July.
May Objectives:

  1. Graduation season is here once again. Double check all orders and make sure there are plenty of catering supplies in the store at all times for those LAST minute catering orders.
  2. Cleanliness. All three stores were slammed by consultants this past month for cleanliness. This shouldn't be an issue! During slow times, every nook and cranny should be cleaned to a sparkeling sparkle. 
  3. Losing tons of employees after school gets out? Although sales typically slow down during summer months, make sure you still have enough in-shoppers and drivers to kick out freakin fast sandwiches. Call Nicole for help with recruitment advertising.
April Objectives: Focus on Drivers
  1. Focus on delivery execution. Stay on top of deliveries and push to have them out the door within 5 minutes of receiving the order.
  2. Don't get soft with the delivery area boundries. Every time an exception is made, it hurts consistancy, speed and customer relations.
  3. Do drivers have CURRENT insurance and drivers license? It is a good time to go through files and double check this.
March Objectives:
  1. Check and double check paperwork at the end of the shift. Strive to be as accurate as possible.
  2. Take notice and reward employees who go above and beyond. Let them know they are appreciated! 
  3. Graduation season is coming up..... sample to spread the word about catering.

February Objectives:

  1. Clean clean clean. Find all the nooks and crannys that have been neglected for a while.
  2. Make sure new employees are taking and passing the sandwhich test.
  3. Have employees replace old, worn, bleached and dirty uniforms.

January Objectives:

  1. Make sure employees are abiding by the JJ dress code. No showing tatoos or unapproved piercings.
  2. Is all the paperwork being completed every shift, every day?