Employees of the Month

Schuyler Crooks
Hustle should be his name. Schuyler always runs in and out with deliveries and hustles at everything he does.


Austin Watkins
Austin is a great nighttime line guy!  He always has a smile on his face and is ready to help clean anything.


Kyle Mitchell

Kyle is one of our awesome drivers who is always looking to help and clean.  He loves being a driver and is constantly hustling to his car and has even been complimented by a customer for running to his delivery!  #rockstarstatus



Grand Island



See the Tri City JJ crew lookin' spiffy before 
the big event:

Laramie wins award: Best Systems and Procedures in the Company

Kearney Wins award: Best Bread in the Company

Cheyenne (Lincolnway)-- Million Dollar Store

Hastings JJ - The newest member of the 
Million Dollar Club

Pimpin' -- Josh Luth wins GM's of the Year award. Megan Mondle and Jason Wacker's awards add to our 'collection' of Rolex's.

More Pimpin'

Vegas -- JJ's style

The darling Laramie crew pre-slicing competition. They kicked ass, by the way.

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For those of you with college towns or towns that like to party, there are some great JJ items available. They can be used as customer prizes or for use at your town/college festivals and other promo events.


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